Acrylic Sup wall rack

Acrylic Sup wall rack

       Get the professional & minimalist look with the Acrylic Surfboard Wall Rack.  This rack not only keeps the focus on your actual surfboard as a work of art, but also gives the 'floating' look with no visible parts of the rack, as it's entirely made of clear components.  Chosen by professionals, for using in high-end retail spaces or restaurants that want a bit of a 'surfer vibe'.The acrylic and craftsmanship of this rack is so strong, you can feel free putting pretty much anything in your quiver of surfboards, or even most longboards (please be sure to weigh appropriately and use common sense before adding any board to a wall rack.)  

      This is a downward facing rack, which can either showcase and display the deck (top), or bottom of the surf board.  This is particularly useful for when trying to fill a void, or wall gap in a higher location, such as over doorways, or entryways.  This rack can also work as an everyday storage system for your surfboards, being it also has clear padding included, which helps keep the surfboard's glass job in-tact, and prevents dings.

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