• Assembled acrylic aerosol intbation box
    Assembled acrylic aerosol intbation box

    Yageli's newly designed intubation box provides medical workers with a safer way to work. We have done some trial and error on this intubation box. We finally built an optimal option. This acrylic box acts as a barrier between the medical staff and the patient, so when the patient is in the box, the medical staff can be protected from the particles quickly dispersed in the air. It can be easily assembled and disassembled, which can effectively reduce the cost of transportation. Maximize its protection effet and economic value

  • Do you know the usage of acrylic sneeze guard screen?
    Do you know the usage of acrylic sneeze guard screen?

    When to use a portable acrylic sneezing protector on a desktop computer, check the stand and reception desk? Add obvious physical barriers to the company's desktops, cash desks and reception desks to help reduce the spread of bacteria and disease. Many shops, businesses, hotels, doctors ’offices and dental clinics have desks or reception desks where employees can communicate or cashier transactions between customers and employees. Other interactive areas where sneezing guards can be used include ticket counters, airport counters, restaurant counters and reception areas. Use plastic dividers or sneezing shields in these locations to help stop diseases transmitted by coughing and sneezing. Use washable and transparent partitions to protect employees and customers, the partitions can form a physical separation and help maintain social distance. This product provides a low-cost and practical solution for these challenging customer service areas. What are the requirements for a sneezing protector at a desk or cash register? The height of the desk or reception desk sneezing protection device should be higher than the ground to establish sufficient physical isolation or separation between workers or between customers and workers. One should consider whether people are sitting or standing. The average height of a person sitting in a chair is between 42 inches and 54 inches. The average height of a standing person is between 5 feet and 6 feet. Most companies' desktops are about 30 inches tall. The height of the reception desk and counter usually ranges from 30 inches to 42 inches. The sneezing shield placed on any one should extend 24 to 36 inches upwards to form an effective barrier. This project meets those sneezing requirements and overall health and safety guidelines. Acrylic personal desk and reception desk sneeze guard size: This item is sold as a complete kit. It includes a 1/4 inch thick solid acrylic plate with a notch that is large enough to pass items to be purchased, paperwork, documents, hotel registration information, keys, tickets, etc. The panel size is 24 inches wide x 32 inches high. The height of the through hole is 8 inches and the width is 16 inches. The device includes two acrylic base materials and can be fixed on the plastic board without tools or fasteners. The depth of the unit measured at the foot is 8 inches. The sneezing shield can be placed on the checkout counter, desk, reception counter or tabletop. Easy to clean-use only a soft cloth and soapy water. Do not use detergents or chemical glass cleaners because they may damage the surface.

  • Let us cover you this March
    Let us cover you this March

    March is a poetic month in China, usually people go out to enjoy the flowers and fly a kite, enjoy the spring scenery and breathe fresh air. But This March, is a little different from our usually March. people need wear mask when go out.considering some clients may need masks, In March,people who has order acrylic display products,acrylic boxes and acrylic dispenser more than US$10,000. we will offer free disposable marks for 200pcs Or N95 masks for 28pcs.if any order need for Monther's Day please feel free send us inquiry.We will cover you this March.

  • The shipping arrangement resumed to normally
    The shipping arrangement resumed to normally

    This Friday is YAGELI factory resumed second week.since the logistics company resumed to delivery, our shipping arrangement resumed too. the goods in our factory not delivery out before our CNY holidays has arrange for shipping now .thanks for our clients kindly understanding about the extend holidays,hope we can service you more better next time,no virus,no extend holidays,shipping on time. 2020 hope we can beat the Virus sooner:) Do what you wanna at Yageli.

  • Production resumed at Yageli
    Production resumed at Yageli

    2020 CNY New year is a unforgettable to all Chinese people. we have a long holidays due to the novel coronavirus. Many factories have to closed it and extend holiday to fight against it. Thanks for all the Medical specialist doctors and nurses, specially our government , our life,work , traffic and shopping online returned to normal now. We are happy to announce that our factories resumed production today after the extended delay caused by the novel coronavirus. All our office worker and emplyee are good health, and all wearing masks, of course. It is so nice to get back to work again after this long, extended holiday. We are on duty again to serve you and your customers'needs. 2020 hope we can stand with you do what you wanna at Yageli.

  • Our Production process and quality inspection
    Our Production process and quality inspection

    Production management: And for your products ,we take a strict control and management .Since the sample to the mass production . As for sample ,the workers in charge of making samples are with more than 10 years experience .As for the mass production , Every product goes through a production process, such as cutting, laser cutting ,engraving,polish,hot bending,glue,packaging and so on. The following steps are particularly important: Sheet-cutting:professional cutting equipment,accurate size,neat cutting edge without burr variety of thickness available to meet your needs, specific requirements in specification. Polishing:taking a high polish by flame polishing machine. In this way, the edges of the acrylic board will be particularly bright.Polishing: taking a high polish by flame polishing machine. In this way, the edges of the acrylic board will be particularly bright. Hot bending:put the tube heated to the pipe under the provisions of the bending temperature to make tube bending process. Glue: First, wipe the surface to be pasted clean, place it horizontally, and inject proper amount of organic glass UV glue on it. Place one side of the other plexiglass/acrylic plate obliquely on the plexiglass/ acrylic coated with adhesive, and then put it down evenly and slowly, extrude the bubbles from one side to complete the bonding Packaging:this step is the finally step before delivery. our standard packaging is each box packed with wrapping film and bubble bag first,and put several products into carton with foams round to ensure it won't be damaged during transportation All of these are to ensure the quality of products .Of course ,we also have special inspectors to supervise the quality From the purchase of raw materials to the production, packaging, and shipment. This series of processes are professionally inspected by our quality inspectors. We carefully produce every product, whether it's sample or bulk. we have strict control over the quality of each of your products We do not allow deliver products out whose quality is below the control standard. Only in this way can we produce products that satisfy our customers


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