• New sales activity
    New sales activity

    Halfway through September, our activities have received friendly feedback from many customers since the beginning of the month. This event is not only for the old customers, but also for all our new customers. I hope that in this event, we have a new beginning, the details are as shown below:

  • Congratulations-Ms Lin become a real Yageli man
    Congratulations-Ms Lin become a real Yageli man

    Today, It is a important day of Yageli, because our colleague Ms Lin, after three months of trials, successfully became a real Yageli man. Since Ms. Lin joined the company, she has infected everyone in our company with full working enthusiasm and optimistic attitude towards life. She can be seen in any group activity of the company, and is the best choice for the championship runner-up. Miss Lin is mainly responsible for following the order in out company, so the order can be shipped smoothly, Miss Lin really contributed. The super responsible person will make your order without any quality problems and worries. So please don't hesitate to contact us if you have a new purchasing plan.

  • The new beginning of Sep
    The new beginning of Sep

    The arrival of September indicates that the purchasing peak season has arrived. In order to welcome this big season, and challenge higher goals. At the beginning of the month, our company held a mountain climbing event again. This will be a good opportunity for the team to work together. The goal to be conquered this time is the famous mountain in Anhui Province - Dashu Mountain. The Dashu Mountain Located in Hefei City, It is about 10 kilometers away from the center of Hefei, with an area of 8,500 acres and an elevation of 284 meters. It is the only mountain in the suburb of Hefei. The Dashu Mountain is the remnant of the Dabie Mountains. The mountain is high in the southeast and low in the northwest. It is oval in shape and is formed by volcanic eruptions. The successfully reach the summit of this mountain means that our company will complete a wonderful purchasing season. So If you need any acrylic products, please don't hesitate to contact Yageli.

  • Fun Games
    Fun Games

    On July 12th, the company participated in a fun sports event. The fun games were shot-matching and sit-ups and skipping and hula hoops. All members of the company participate, each project has a champion, there will be corresponding rewards. The shot is one minute per person and the competition scores the most. Men and girls are separated, sit-ups and skipping are all more in the game in a minute. The company's colleagues are actively registering, mobilizing everyone's emotions, adding fun and happy work in the work. The company organizes such activities from time to time to enrich the sports and cultural life of employees, advocate healthy and up-to-date lifestyles of employees, enhance exchanges and cooperation between various departments, strengthen the construction of corporate spiritual civilization and corporate culture, and enhance the team cohesion and centripetal force of all employees of the company.

  • why a big price difference to process a same acrylic products
    why a big price difference to process a same acrylic products

    Our sales are faced with many customers’ inquiry every day. Although the products and points of attention are different, but they all have something in common. The price is the primary concern of most people! After receiving some inquiries for the quotation, they would said that they got a more better price from other suppliers,and some quotations are even lower than our cost. So why the price difference is so large for same products? What is the difference? Now, the acrylic market mainly provides two types of plates: First, there is a kind of recycled material, also called acrylic trim, which is processed (that is, after thermal degradation) to regenerate (methyl methacrylate) monomer, and made by chemical polymerization. to get more profit,many acrylic sheet manufacturers with poor production technology, low degradation monomer, low purity, low quality and low quality. This is a very common phenomenon,Under such conditions,The recycled material is much cheaper than the new material. Of course, in addition to the difference in materials, the quality of work, not being polished, not polished, scratched, not cleaned, etc, are also a factor affecting the price. So when you buy acrylic products,don’t just look at the price, but also compare the quality, If you want to find a reliable acrylic products factory, you may can give us a chance, We are all using high-quality raw materials,professional machine operation, the quality is absolutely guaranteed, you don’t need worry about anything, only wait for your products in your home.

  • US customer development
    US customer development

    The company went to the United States to participate in the exhibition at the end of June. After the three-day exhibition, it began to meet with customers. The trip is divided into three places, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles. In order to make full use of the significance of this trip to the United States, the company arranged domestic business to start telephone development. On Tuesday morning, everyone arrived at the office before 7:00. In order to cooperate with the customer's time, they had to start work earlier. After they arrived at the office, they started to call one after another. Every room in the office was filled with enthusiastic voice chat. In the end, some people have arrived at the customer, some people do not, but no matter what, as long as you try hard is good. The company manager and supervisor are working hard in the United States, and the country can only do its best to make the trip richer, and then come back with a good result. I hope that all colleagues in the company can work together to move toward a higher goal!


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