• To give your mother a best gift and memory
    To give your mother a best gift and memory

    The Mother’s days is coming,it is a special time. It is the day we get to spoil, pamper and lavish our mothers with all that we can come up with. They deserve it. Here are some things that you can do, for your mom. 1.Mother's day cards-There are many types of Mother's day cards. Some cards make music, some have flowers and some look like paintings. Whatever you pick, make it special. Mom is worth it. 2.Take mom out- Yes, mom will love a night out. Take her to dinner, a movie or for a nice lunch during the day. You could also take her shopping. Spending quality time with her is the key. Make it a special time to remember. If money is a problem, take her to your favorite park with a lunch packed and some chairs. 3.Give her a spa day-A trip to the spa makes a wonderful Mother's day gift. What better way to spend Mother's day? You should join her. You both will love it. 4.Gifts-You can make something for mom, on your own. It can be a photo album of pictures of grandchildren, you, her, anything. You can write a special note or a poem to tell her what she means to you. You can give her a gift certificate to her favorite store. You can buy her flowers. You can pick her some flowers and arrange them in a vase, to save money. Those make great gifts! You can make a bag of surprises to give your mom by buying all those favorite things she likes to use, from day to day. Place all the items in a pretty bag and you will make her day. These items can be the lotion she likes to use, the perfume that she loves or the cosmetics she wears. You can also buy pens, envelopes, stamps and note cards. A gift card to her favorite pharmacy is a great idea 5.Take her to the beauty salon. What a great Mother's day gift that is. This will make her day. 6.Give a relative or friend that your mother has not heard from lately a call and tell them to surprise her with a call or letter. 7.Invite your mother to dinner or lunch at your home. 8.Make Mother's day her special day by putting everything on hold. Offer your services to her by taking her where she needs to go or by doing some things that she needs done. This can be as simple as changing her back porch light bulb or washing her dishes. Doing her laundry is a great idea, also. 9. Give your mother a membership to a special club. This could be a senior discount club, a car towing membership, a social club or gym membership. You can also give her a magazine subscription. These type of gifts keep giving the entire year.

  • Is there a
    Is there a "996" in Hefei?

    Recently, the “996” incident has caused widespread discussion around the world. Some experts have issued a message saying, “What can we do for the 996 programmers?” So, don’t other industries work overtime? Will they also be troubled by working hours? The “996” working system refers to the working system at 9:00 in the morning and 9:00 in the evening. The total working time is more than 10 hours, and the working system is 6 days a week, representing the overtime culture prevailing in Chinese Internet companies. As a provincial capital city, Hefei is constantly developing its economy. Various enterprises are constantly appearing. Overtime is also a very frequent matter. Many companies also work six days a week, working overtime every day. If the work is not completed, it will inevitably lead to overtime work, so how to work in a busy work. It is especially important to arrange working hours reasonably. I think the work schedule of Yageli is very reasonable. First of all, I use the single and double break system. I work 8 hours a day. Overtime will also provide overtime allowance. The working atmosphere is also very easy, so employees will not feel sad when they work. Repressed. This also reflects the company's corporate culture, "integrity and dedication, unity and friendship, innovation and enterprising, embrace change", the relationship between leaders and employees is easy and close, and better promote the development and completion of the work. As everyone knows, every industry is not easy to do, even if there is no 996, there will be other problems, so learn to release yourself, although the work is very important, but people's life is not only work, must learn to work and rest To adjust the mentality to better advance to the future. The picture below shows the company's morning chicken soup for the soul.

  • Yageli newest acrylic makeup organizer for you
    Yageli newest acrylic makeup organizer for you

    Yageli newest products is coming, that is the new acrylic makeup organizers. It was a good news for many girls and women. It all used used high-grade materials,which means it's thicker and more durable than your average makeup storage boxes and jewelry cases. The various sections can be configured to suit your available space and personal preference and are fully compatible with other products in the range, allowing you to build the ultimate storage solution. Build it tall? Build it Wide? Add a section? The Yageli is can do it all. Looks great whether in the Bedroom, Bathroom, Lounge or in a Professional Salon, this organiser is made of sturdy, durable acrylic and beautifully designed to display all of your Jewellery and Cosmetics

  • Yageli Spring climbing activity
    Yageli Spring climbing activity

    The spring is coming, the weather is warm, thew flowers are also in full bloom, so now it is good time to go out for fun. Yageli also open the new year first outdoor activity on 2019.3.26. glad to show our team for you. Our company business team The gentle man in our EB and domestic department Foreign trade team our destination called ZiPeng mountain. Zi Peng Mountain is located in the south of Zipeng Town, Hefei City, about 18 kilometers away from Hefei City. The forest area of the whole area is 3,500 hectares. It is east to Taoist Mountain, south to Qianzi Mountain and west to Radish Mountain. The mountain area is 6 square kilometers. The main peak is 188.7 meters above sea level. The top of the main peak is flat, the mountain is slower in the north, and the mountain is very strong in the south. This is a very pleasant mountain climbing trip, spring is to refuel to create more possibilities.

  • Acrylic variety of Sign Holder
    Acrylic variety of Sign Holder

    Our factory can accept customized do variety of size acrylic size holder , The regular A4/A5 acrylic sign holder, Logo were Design unique signage content and display standard sized sheets within this thick plastic upright. Each smoke base sign holder provides a tabletop unit that is aesthetically pleasing. The clear acrylic plastic upright includes polished edges for an undistracted view of graphics. Loading signage into the ad frame is quick and easy with the magnetic button closures. Promote two graphic sheets at once with a sign holder featuring a double sided design. Ideal for a variety of industries, this plastic upright is a staple for any tabletop, counter, or display area! And we can also ship the goods to Amazon ware house as require, for the package ways ,the pallet size , The SKU No. all will do as your require, if you are a Amazon seller, welcome to order , we will offer 100% service to you . There are 9000pcs acrylic A4/A5 acrylic sign holder will be ship to Australia per month, North America, Europe…and so on. We have ship 6 pallet acrylic A4/A5 acrylic sign holder to Australia on 6th March 7, 2019. If you need the acrylic sign holder please feel free let us know in time.

  • Yageli 20th Year Anniversary
    Yageli 20th Year Anniversary

    Anhui Yageli Display Co., Ltd’s 20th Year Anniversary was hold on 19th Jan 2019 a sunny Day . The friends from all over the world has sent their blessings to us. Also has Invited the family members of the staff to attended. And theme of the anniversary “because of you “ is begin. And at the beginning of the party, for children, each of them has received a lovely schoolbag. Next for the Various honors time, for Top salesman, the Excellent progress award for New staff, The Save model for factory material, the hard-working staff model . Then for kinds of show time, The Dance skewer, the sign language performance, the Elegant and pleasing Guzheng performance of Chinese traditional music, famous language performance Xiaoping , Xiangsheng and so on…


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