Is there a "996" in Hefei?
Recently, the “996” incident has caused widespread discussion around the world. Some experts have issued a message saying, “What can we do for the 996 programmers?” So, don’t other industries work overtime? Will they also be troubled by working hours?
The “996” working system refers to the working system at 9:00 in the morning and 9:00 in the evening. The total working time is more than 10 hours, and the working system is 6 days a week, representing the overtime culture prevailing in Chinese Internet companies.
As a provincial capital city, Hefei is constantly developing its economy. Various enterprises are constantly appearing. Overtime is also a very frequent matter. Many companies also work six days a week, working overtime every day. If the work is not completed, it will inevitably lead to overtime work, so how to work in a busy work. It is especially important to arrange working hours reasonably.
I think the work schedule of Yageli is very reasonable. First of all, I use the single and double break system. I work 8 hours a day. Overtime will also provide overtime allowance. The working atmosphere is also very easy, so employees will not feel sad when they work. Repressed.
This also reflects the company's corporate culture, "integrity and dedication, unity and friendship, innovation and enterprising, embrace change", the relationship between leaders and employees is easy and close, and better promote the development and completion of the work.
As everyone knows, every industry is not easy to do, even if there is no 996, there will be other problems, so learn to release yourself, although the work is very important, but people's life is not only work, must learn to work and rest To adjust the mentality to better advance to the future.

The picture below shows the company's morning chicken soup for the soul.

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