Peple also ask: how to make a acrylic mezuzah case ?

The Decorate your door with our frosted resin Mezuzah boxes. 

This modern acrylic box sandblasted for your Mezuzah reel with a unique modern acrylic design, creating a modern look. This minimalist matte resin mezuzah box gives an elegant feel that doesn't obscure the most beautiful part of mezuzah, the text inside. 

This Jewish door mezuzah case comes with sturdy double-sided tape for easy installation Frosted transparent synthetic resin Double-sided adhesive is easy to install Rolling does not include Choose the size Dimensions: 

Small :1 "wide x 6" high 

Large :1 "wide x 7" high

Multiple color options 

- Enjoy a handful of carefully selected colors for your choice. This Jewish Mizuza box fits a 12 cm -5 inch klaf scroll. Choose the color you want from the wide selection of colors we offer.

Modern acrylic design 

- spiced home decor with our Mezuzah case. This acrylic case is sandblasted for the Mezuzah scroll with a unique modern acrylic design that creates an exclusive look for this product to match your home decor. It will give your home an elegant touch without overshadowing the most beautiful parts of Mezuzah, the text inside..

Size:customized size according the customzer's requirements.
Luxury black/red/blue/yellow/glitter etc colors fro choose

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