Sino-US trade war | How will foreign trade factories be affected?
In addition to listed home furnishing enterprises that rely heavily on exports to the United States, there are also many small and medium-sized foreign trade home factories in China. Under the Sino-US trade war, what is the change in their order volume? What are their plans for the future US market?

The quantity of orders from Yageli from the United States is relatively stable for the time being, and the actual impact of the trade war on us is somewhat, but not too big. First, the company is not a listed company. Second, the United States is not our only exporter, and the recent decline in the RMB exchange rate is good for exports. Our partners in the United States are mainly large customers. The two sides have many years of stable cooperative relations. In the case of trade wars and tariffs, some small customers' orders may be transferred, but major customers will continue to choose to cooperate with us. Because our production technology and comprehensive quality are more secure.

Orders from the United States are temporarily stable, but in the long run, trade wars will affect the entire world economy, and there is no possibility of an economic crisis. At that time, the impact on enterprises will be fatal.

The United States has always been a key exporter of the company. Every year, it will participate in the exhibition to visit customers, but it will also vigorously expand the market outside the United States, and further enhance its independent innovation capability, improve the market competitiveness of its products, and reduce exports to the United States, especially to the United States. Dependence.

Seize the opportunity to minimize the impact of trade wars.

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