Weekend Time
Unconsciously, on the weekend, the company will hold small events every Saturday afternoon.

After a week of hard work, the company will bring you some small games on Saturday afternoon, buy some snack fruits for everyone to eat, and sometimes watch movies.

We usually play "Wolfman Kill" in the game. Through the game, everyone has been relaxed in the heavy work, and the relationship between colleagues has also been enhanced. Last week, we also had birthdays for colleagues born in June. Through these small activities, the overall atmosphere of the company is getting better and better.

This Saturday, the company organized everyone to eat snacks, watch movies, chose horror movies, and looked forward to it. In the summer, the company also bought a lot of ice cream for everyone to quench their thirst.

I hope that my colleagues in the company can work better and better in a good atmosphere and their performance will continue to improve.

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