US customer development
The company went to the United States to participate in the exhibition at the end of June. After the three-day exhibition, it began to meet with customers. The trip is divided into three places, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles. In order to make full use of the significance of this trip to the United States, the company arranged domestic business to start telephone development.

On Tuesday morning, everyone arrived at the office before 7:00. In order to cooperate with the customer's time, they had to start work earlier. After they arrived at the office, they started to call one after another. Every room in the office was filled with enthusiastic voice chat.

In the end, some people have arrived at the customer, some people do not, but no matter what, as long as you try hard is good. The company manager and supervisor are working hard in the United States, and the country can only do its best to make the trip richer, and then come back with a good result.

I hope that all colleagues in the company can work together to move toward a higher goal!

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