why a big price difference to process a same acrylic products
Our sales are faced with many customers’ inquiry every day. Although the products and points of attention are different, but they all have something in common. The price is the primary concern of most people! After receiving some inquiries for the quotation, they would said that they got a more better price from other suppliers,and some quotations are even lower than our cost. So why the price difference is so large for same products? What is the difference?

Now, the acrylic market mainly provides two types of plates: First, there is a kind of recycled material, also called acrylic trim, which is processed (that is, after thermal degradation) to regenerate (methyl methacrylate) monomer, and made by chemical polymerization. to get more profit,many acrylic sheet manufacturers with poor production technology, low degradation monomer, low purity, low quality and low quality. This is a very common phenomenon,Under such conditions,The recycled material is much cheaper than the new material. Of course, in addition to the difference in materials, the quality of work, not being polished, not polished, scratched, not cleaned, etc, are also a factor affecting the price.

So when you buy acrylic products,don’t just look at the price, but also compare the quality, If you want to find a reliable acrylic products factory, you may can give us a chance, We are all using high-quality raw materials,professional machine operation, the quality is absolutely guaranteed, you don’t need worry about anything, only wait for your products in your home.

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